"So why the @#$% doesn’t it do that?"

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“DataNAV functionality allows you to easily drag and drop database columns as dimensions and/or data items. “

““”DataNAV uses the power of the database to execute aggregation queries and allows you to quickly get the results you need.”“

““”DataNAV is useful for doing ad-hoc queries on data sets of any size.””
“”DataNAV immediately constructs the relevant SQL commands, extracts the data, aggregates it and displays it in the matrix: you see the structure filled with data from the database or data store immediately.””

I’m connecting to a large Oracle database for GL transactions. There’s nothing easy, quickly, or immediately about the process. Every single modifcation of the matrix puts Quantrix in non-responsive mode for about 10 to 15 minutes. Just changing the update setting from ‘Automatically’ to ‘Manual’ has put Quantrix out of commission for going on an hour now.

So how do I get Quantrix to work as advertised?”


Hi John,

I totally understand your feeling and experience.

I think the DataNav is good to summarize lots of thing and link up everything together ; however, it would make your cpu headache when it comes with too many thing in the category.

For big category items, , I noticed that using Datalink for 2D matrix is a lot faster.

However, DataNav is really a good way to summarize something instead of keep using select / using as functions.


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