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I have a model that is linked to a large Oracle database. Most functions I perform seem to require Quantrix to go into a processing mode, which is fine except that it gives absolutely no indication that it is in that mode, it simply appears frozen. Can’t you guys program a spinning wheel or hourglass or something?

Of course, many programs can freeze while displaying their spinning wheel or whatever, but at least directly after you perform some command that requires processing you get the feedback that it might take a while, instead of leaving the program looking like it is ready to perform another task, which just encourages pointless clicking that queues up a bunch of mouseclicks that you may not want performed by the time the processing completes.


Presently I am trying to Group Items from a DataNAV query. That function brought up a progress bar window that has been running for well over an hour. However, the little purple spinner is not moving at all.

The other occasions (where there was no progress bar window) were while renaming categories. I’ll post other situations if and when it ever finishes grouping.

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