All right-clicking pop-up menus options are partially masked by the Win7 Task Bar.

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To Quantrix staff.

Problem describing (it is valid for both QM4.1 and QM5.0).

It fell out that, in case of QM occupies all screen area, [b:2aw51ven]Win7 Task Bar[/b:2aw51ven] masks the last 1 – 2 options* of [b:2aw51ven]ALL[/b:2aw51ven] pop-up menus, that can be accessed by right-clicking on a cells, formulas at [b:2aw51ven]the bottom of monitor screen[/b:2aw51ven].

* it depends on the screen resolution.


Thank you for your feedback. We have captured this issue and are in the process of prioritizing features, enhancements and issues for inclusion in upcoming releases. In the meantime, you can also access the functionality that is hidden by the task bar through the navigation menus at the top of the screen.

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