Data entry only licence

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I love Quantrix but for me, there’s a big gap in the licensing by not having a lower priced package that allows users to enter data into a model developed by someone else.

My smaller clients are not sophisticated enough to create their own models, but like what I can create for them. However, the seat price for the full modelling packages is too much for them.

How about a Data Entry Only package for $200?


I agree – Quantrix PLEEEEASE add this licensing mode!!! Or better yet allow editing for Quantrix Viewer and on the Qloud directly!

I use Quantrix to create financial forecasts for our fund’s potential investments, and it’s crucial to share my work with colleagues and partners to tweak assumptions and test scenarios. I shouldn’t have to buy full licenses for each of my colleagues who will never modify or program models themselves, but merely just want to provide data and visualize “what-if”

Data-only privilege licenses should also be floating and not tied to specific email addresses / users. For Investment A I may want 3 colleagues and 2 partners to access my model, while for Investment B I may need to share it with 2 different colleagues and a different partner. After I’m done with these deals, I’d want to revoke their access and grant it to other users

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