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I love Quantrix but for me, there’s a big gap in the licensing by not having a lower priced package that allows users to enter data into a model developed by someone else.

My smaller clients are not sophisticated enough to create their own models, but like what I can create for them. However, the seat price for the full modelling packages is too much for them.

How about a Data Entry Only package for $200?


Agree completely! This is a big gap for me as well.

Currently here’s the way I work with users who don’t have licenses: I keep a central Quantrix model that has all the calculations. I isolate a user’s interaction to one form, and provide a version of that form in Excel. I then set the Excel sheet to upload to a SQL database, which Quantrix can pull from to do all the calculations.

This requires that the user’s data not be needed in real time as there is a period (usually a week) that I allow for collection of the data from Excel.

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