Presentation Canvas – Filter Tray Category Limitation

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I’m having problem with a presentation canvas showing a number of charts all taken from the same matrix. Two charts seem to affect each other.

I think the problem is because both charts use the same category in the filter tray but need to show different items in the filtered category. One item is a percentage and the other item is a valuation. As a result one of the charts is always nonsense.

Is there a way to have multiple copies of the same category in the filter tray but with different items showing, one for each chart?



I was able to resolve this problem, in this particular case.

In the individual charts I switched a series category and filter category so that there wasn’t a conflict in the filter category item selections. Replacing the charts on the presentation canvas with the revised charts eliminated the conflicting filter category and now the two charts can co-exist on the same canvas.

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