Presentation Script Button – View Full Screen

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I want to add an button to a presentation canvas that causes the presentation to expand to full screen.

I’ve wasted more than an hour fiddlin’ about with scripting but not making much progress. I’m sure this is easy (if at all possible) but without the proper reference info I’m finding it quite frustrating.

Could someone provide this script please?

BTW: Where is the Quantrix API reference for use in scripts?




Unfortunately there isn’t currently a scripting API that enables control of full screen mode.

Sorry for any difficulty in finding desired information. Documentation for scripting is an ongoing effort and we haven’t yet produced a formal API document. We’ve tried to make the code completion feature pretty robust in the hopes that it can serve as a decent guide in many situations, but I understand that it’s not always the best medium. Hopefully we will have a more formal set of documentation at some point in the future.


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