Normal distribution

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I’m trying to invoke built in normal distribution function but the script returns an error.
the function looks like this:
result=normdist(100, 10, 1,1)
return result
Could someone please help with this?


Hi Lydia,

I scripted a simple Normal Distribution function today which can be used with the same parameters like the built-in version of Quantrix.

You can use the attached model “20120620 – NormalDistributionFunction – v1” as the template file where you can find the script in the Script Manager.

Further, I have added a test matrix to compare the results of the built-in and the user defined functions. Both functions deliver the same values as the test result is always “OK”.

Please note: The provided code is delivered “as is” and it needs more testing to make sure it works correctly.

Let me know if this is what you are looking for.

All the best,

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