Forcing Multiple Recalc using Scripting

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I have a model that has very long circular formulas that need to be recalculated multiple times before the values become stable. It seems like a script that runs recalc multiple times would be useful. I am tired of hitting recalc and coming back 2 hrs later and hitting F9, and repeat several times!

I saw one of the posts was using “model.ensureCalculated()” to recalculate the model when it is in uncalculated state. But, this doesn’t seem to work in my case because after the first recalc, the model is in the recalculated mode even though the values being calculated by circular formulas have not stabilized yet.

Is there another action that would force a recalc even though the model is already in the calculated mode? Thanks.




Can you please confirm one thing? Does the iteration setting for the circular cells only apply when the calculation is set to auto calculations? I am guessing that is why our numbers are not converging without multiple manual recalcs. Thanks.

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