merge individual 2D matrices

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I would like to merge individual 2D Matrices within Quantrix into a summary Matrix which is also a 2D Matrix.

Could anyone help how to resolve this?

I attached a sample file for better understanding.
January and February matrices are linked to an outside database to import monthly items and has the same structure.
I just simply want to merge/ add all items/rows into the third matrix (2D matrix for All months).
The monthly matrices can change dinamicaly and for audit trail purposes I want to keep separate from the cummulative matrix. That is why I don’t want to import the monthly data into the same matrix through Datalink.

thanks for any advice,



What if I am importing two separate 2D matrices. I keep them as 2D to ensure sparsity. Then I add some columns and do a number of calculations in each matrix.

Now, I want to combine these two matrices into a new matrix with categories. I can’t figure out how to do it in Datalink, and I don’t want to have to write a bunch of formulae to pull into the new matrix.

How do I do that? Thanks.


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