merge individual 2D matrices

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I would like to merge individual 2D Matrices within Quantrix into a summary Matrix which is also a 2D Matrix.

Could anyone help how to resolve this?

I attached a sample file for better understanding.
January and February matrices are linked to an outside database to import monthly items and has the same structure.
I just simply want to merge/ add all items/rows into the third matrix (2D matrix for All months).
The monthly matrices can change dinamicaly and for audit trail purposes I want to keep separate from the cummulative matrix. That is why I don’t want to import the monthly data into the same matrix through Datalink.

thanks for any advice,


Why don’t you import the merged data into the 3rd matrix directly from the database via datalink? If both queries have the same structure, you can import both with a SQL statement
[1st query]
[2nd query]
You sould use SQL expert mode in the datalink.

I think this is more convenient than using a datalink from the 2d matrices into the third one, which entails modifying the datalink twice,
A) point to the first matrix, import with option for substituting existing data
B)point to the second matrix, import with option “Append rows to existing matrix”.


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