Better Documenation/Examples for Select Functions

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The Select functions needs to be explained a lot better.

There seem to be unmentioned subtlies. For instance, does there need to be a linked category in common between value_list, key_list, lookup_value? The documentation to-date implies there doesn’t need to be, although I’ve always assumed the need.

Occasionally, I find myself stumped in using Select, unable to get it to work the way I want. But the documenation and examples are no help because they are quite simple and limited in what they explain. It’s very frustrating.

There are also things that can be done that aren’t obvious even after reading the documentation.

These examples are subtle to understand but quite powerful. It seems like you need some inside information to figure such things are possible.

There’s a lot to Select and related functions that needs expansion in the documentation and with examples.

The poor quality documenation of the Select and related functions has been mentioned before.

An advanced tutorial on select that we could watch would be helpful as well.


Thank you very much for the feedback. We are currently looking at ways to enhance and expand our documentation. Your specific feedback is very helpful as we move forward.


I support this proposal.

Quantrix, please rework functions section of user guide or give your customers functions addendum.

If Quantrix Modeler is Financial Modeling Software for Forecasting, Budgeting and Planning, then all examples must concern first of all Forecasting, Budgeting and Planning.

If Quantrix Modeler enables organizations to replace spreadsheets for improved business performance and timely insights, then construct Forecasting, Budgeting and Planning problem decisions with the template:
1. Problem description
2. Problem decision in a spreadsheet
3. Problem decision in Quantrix Modeler
4. Comparison

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