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I am new user try to figure out how can I filter my category dimension for cetain values. In the attached model I have several dimensions out of which one is account. I import actual figures into my matrix through Datalink.
I understand that I can only filter to one specific account in the filter pane therefore I want to create another matrix (operational accounts) which only retrieves the operational accounts (6xxxx accounts) and their values in the appropriate dimensions (project, department) of course.
I have already linked this second matrix to my original one, but not sure how can I apply a filter for the accounts to bring all accounts which are less than 70000. (7xxxx accounts are non-operational ones).
I would make furhter calculations/view on this second matrix.
Please note that the accounts in my 2012 actuals matrix could change from month to month (new accounts could be added) as I import the data monthly,
so I would need a dynamic filter for all accounts less than 70000.

Could anyone advise please?



Thanks Lyledp and Bryan.

I am not sure if I missed something, but when I enter the formulas Bryan given, it still seems that the 7xxxx accounts are shown and I also get a #VALUE!
error. See attached.


How can I filter for my account dimension/category label (and not for value) in the table view? If I select accounts and and choose filter, I can filter for cell values and for expression, but not for the account values itself.

thanks again for your advice,

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