Model crashed, won’t open or exit

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I was working on a model with JDBC links to Oracle. The program went into a cycle where it kept repeatedly bringing up a dialog saying it was out of memory, to the point I couldn’t get any other menu to work. Finally I was able to hit the close box on the program window and it seemed to save the model. Now that model won’t open (after a LOT of work on it), and Quantrix itself won’t exit. Any ideas on how to get the program and model working again?


Would be nice if one didn’t have to call and the self-help was better. I find it hard to believe I’m the first customer to have the app hang while chewing up memory.


I was just speculating about it doing a database query during open. That’s the only reason I could imagine it hanging while “loading visual components” and continually using more memory. The only complexity of the model was the JDBC links.


Data queries are typically initiated through a user requesting a DataPush or DataLink process after the model has opened. Not sure why it would be trying to access your database during a model open event.

Don’t hesitate to use our support desk during your evaluation period… They are very good at resolving queries. If they don’t have an immediate answer they are good at investigating and getting back to you in a timely fashion.


Isn’t there a way to prevent a model from initiating its JDBC query when it opens?


The help available for this problem is terrible. After several reboots I could get the program to exit. Then I had to use TaskMgr to watch what it was doing and thus noticed it stalled when memory seemed to max out. I went to a new model to increase program memory in Tools>General. When it was set to 5000MB The model I’m trying to save now gets to a “Loading… Loading visual components” dialog where I can watch the memory usage in TaskMgr increase to about 3500K before the splash screen and dialog box flicker and the memory usage drops to about 500K before it goes through that cycle again, over and over, just staying in Loading… limbo.


Hi – I recommend a hard reboot (power off and on) and then see if Quantrix will launch. Sounds like the Quantrix application is not fully closed.

Hopefully after the reboot Quantrix will launch and the model will open. If that doesn’t work I recommend contacting our support help desk. Just explain you are evaluating Quantrix and the symptoms and they will certainly do their best to assist. You can reach them at:

email – [email:1txdn53b][/email:1txdn53b]
North America – +1 800 881 9953
Rest of the World – +44 1483 594999

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