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I have been playing around with the new 1.2 release. The ability to link models is a nice feature. Unfortunately there is often a need to automatically keep data current between the models. If I have 3 interdependant models, model3 depends on model2 which depends on model1, any changes to model1 data does not get propogated when I update the links in model3 unless I update model2 first. Having to remember the order in which to update links can get complicated in a hurry and lead to errors.

To solve this I think a tree view of the matrices contained within the browser window would be a strong feature. Users would be able to create folders to contain related matrices, allowing the organization of matrices in a logical manner without having to seperate the relevant matrices into seperate models. Since all of the matrices are in the same model, data is always current.

Is this possible?




I’ve been applying formatting in the model browser all morning :)

While we are on the topic of the model browser, can it also be possible to hide matrices?

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