Presentations Print with Obscuring Shade Region

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NOTE: I sent this issue to Quantrix support 05jan’12 but haven’t received any acknowledgement from support – so I reporting here on the forum as well.

I have a model with a two page presentation that prints erratically.

Most times it prints without problem. Sometimes it prints with a shaded unbordered box covering a portion of the second page. This obscures some of the contents on the page. The only changes made between a good print run and a problem print run is the changing of a few number in some input cells.

The shaded box will appear on a hard-copy print and on a print preview.

This has been a mystery to me for a couple of years.

BUT I have figured out how to make this happen. Why is another issue.

If you adjust the Zoom level to 100% and then print/preview the presentation page it will print without problem.
If you adjust the Zoom level to say 80% and then print/preview the presentation page will have the obscuring shade problem.

Why this happens I don’t know. But, to my mind this is not correct behaviour.

I expect the zoom level to only affect the viewing of the matrix/table/presentation page. I expect zoom level to have no effect on the printed version. Printing should be controlled using the Page Setup and Print settings only. At least in the models I’ve developed so far that is what I would expect. There is no indication in the Help that Zoom affects what is printed, only what is viewed, and only that it applies to tables and matrix, no mention it affects presentations.

Platform: Windows Vista 32bit
Quantrix: v4.1.41 pro 32bit


Apologies for the mis-communication.

I did review the Support Works ticketing system used by IDBS and I do see a record of them responding to your inquiry via email in early February. In short they responded:

“I was easily able to recreate this issue, both in your Model file, and in other Models that had a Presentation Canvas. This is a defect in the application, which will need to be addressed in a future release of Quantrix. As I am not able to log a call against a customer that does not have a valid maintenance agreement, I will still log this defect, but against myself. That way we can track the issue, and ensure that it is fixed.”

I can confirm this is in our development schedule for review with our next Quantrix desktop version.

Again – apologies for the communication mix up. The email must have not reached you appropriately.



I wouldn’t be interested in paying for a maintenance contract in order to report bugs and receive an acknowledgement of the reported problem.

A simple “Thank-you for reporting this problem and we’ll look into it.” would be sufficient. At least that way I, and others, that report problems would know our efforts to contribute to the betterment of your product aren’t wasted.

It takes some amount of effort to report problems. It takes very little to acknowledge that effort.


Hi – I checked in our support ticketing system and this software defect has been logged. We are unable to assign this to your account specifically since your license is not under a maintenance agreement, but please know that this issue is currently under development review.

More information on software maintenance can be found here:



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