sum(select …) with multiple categories

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The sample ManagementSummary.model shows how to summarize data into aggregate categories – but the select statement only works if there are multiple items in a [b:3q00wdh7]single [/b:3q00wdh7]category. Specifically: if you add a second year to the sample model then it breaks with a #SIZE error – which I understand is due to a mismatch in the size of the data and key matrices – but I can’t find any way to correct this.

How do I set up a key matrix to do aggregation where the data is categorized in multiple dimensions with multiple items?




Thanks very much. Referencing the UNlinked category in the select statement was the only permutation that had not occurred to me! Obvious when you know :)


Hello Simon,

Thank you for bringing this error to our attention. The sample model has been revised and re-posted to the Quantrix website. Typically the select function works best when calling upon unlinked categories – or categories that are not shared between the source and destination matrices.

I hope this revision in the sample model can better assist you when applying a similar function to your use case.

Kind regards,