Chart canvas in QAPI?

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Hi there,

We’ve been trying to access, through the QAPI, the classes responsible for rendering a chart in Quantrix (the JFreeChart classes, I believe) so that we can customise the way some charts are rendered.

The documentation for the ChartView object in the QAPI suggests that it is possible to get access to the canvas on which a chart is drawn, but we’ve not found any suitable functions that actually allow this:

(ChartView documentation header)
[INDENT] * Mirrors the ChartView in the Quantrix Modeler and provides ways of accessing both the
* spreadsheet component of the chart view and the chart component that contains the canvas
* on which the chart is drawn. The user can manipulate the chart objects, the spreadsheet selection
* and get a handle to the chart itself. [/INDENT]

Can you tell me if there is a way of doing the above in Quantrix (we’re using v4.1) or whether such access will be possible in an upcoming version?

Many thanks!


Hi Mike,

Many thanks for your reply.

Are there plans that it will be possible to develop plugins for Quantrix to extend it with customized functionality? I am thinking of a similar system like Excel provides with add-ins. I know, I can develop function and action libraries and exchange these with other users with the current version of Quantrix. But I am thinking of developing more sophisticated plugins for Quantrix including complex GUIs etc. This was possible with the QAPI and I would appreciate it very much if I can do this with the new Quantrix scripting engine.

Many thanks for consideration.


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