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I am analyzing your product as a possible solution for my company. What are some of your competitors?



The primary competitor to Quantrix is the spreadsheet. This is the predominant quantitative desktop thinking tool used today for modeling / forecasting / analysis. Other potential competitors include a number of specialized applications for specific modeling activities such as tax planning, estate planning, business valuation, etc. However, these tools are designed to perform a certain modeling task in a certain way. When the user’s requirements fall outside the scope of design offered by these applications, the fallback is usually a spreadsheet.

At an enterprise level, OLAP and BI tools might be considered competitors to Quantrix. However, spreadsheets are often used as a front end to these applications and in that respect, Quantrix can be a better fit (and provide a much more intuitive workspace) because of its multi-dimensional architecture.

I hope this helps to answer your question. Please let us know if you have any further questions as you proceed with your evaluation.


Chris Houle