Using a "switch" cell to enable easy analysis on different scenarios

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Recently I was asked if there is a method in Quantrix to save the configuration of a set of variables, then select the configuration from a list allowing mutliple scenario analysis. I’m posting the answer here in case anyone else finds it useful.

This kind of scenario analysis can be done by using a “switch” cell in a Matrix to dictate the values passed into a model.

A “switch” can be created in a cell by using the ‘Constrain Input’ list functionality [color=”DimGray”](Right click on cell > Constrain Input > List)[/color]. The value selected from this list can then be used in an [b:ii9ud2tf]IF [/b:ii9ud2tf]statement, to dictate the values passed into the model.

I have attached an example model that shows the use of a Scenario Switch. In the example model, the Scenario Switch controls the Rate Value that is passed into the Income Growth Results table. :cool:



That’s a good example of the [b:1qgqm6qk]SWITCH[/b:1qgqm6qk] function.

That particular function hadn’t occurred to me at the time I created the example, so thanks for sharing your model!

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