USING AS – a simple function to share data between two or more matrices

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The [b:1iipt5ai]USING AS[/b:1iipt5ai] function is a very simple, but effective way to share data between two or more matrices.

The function allows you to share values between matrices whilst they have shared categories and items. A simplified version of a [b:1iipt5ai]USING AS[/b:1iipt5ai] formula would look like this:

[color=”Green”]Matrix2[/color]::Total Sales = [color=”Indigo”]Matrix 1[/color]::Sum of Customer Sales [b:1iipt5ai]USING[/b:1iipt5ai] [color=”Indigo”]Matrix 1[/color]::Month item [b:1iipt5ai]AS[/b:1iipt5ai] [color=”Green”]Matrix 2[/color]::Month category

The important thing about the [b:1iipt5ai]USING AS[/b:1iipt5ai] function is that you must have one item and one category as your referenced values. i.e. Month item and Month category.

I have attached an example [b:1iipt5ai]USING AS[/b:1iipt5ai] model containing a description of how the example is set up in the “Instructions” canvas

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