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Anyone please to show me the functions like “Data table” in excel?

For examples, please find the model attached “forecasts_datatable.model”. I need to determine the item Widget.YTD:Year1 in Matrix DataTable as the way like “Data table” function in Excel.




I am not sure if I understand your question right but please check the DataTable matrix in the attached model. It contains this formula:

Widget.YTD:Year1′ = Sales Projections::Widget:Year1:YTD * value(@A)

With “value(@A)” you can transform the column titles into values and use them in your computations.

Further, I added a new DataTable matrix called “DataTable with Forecast Rates” and another “Assumuptions – Forecast” rate matrix to show how you can use the quantrix dimension functionality and easily extend your model.

The formula is then slightly different and more “speaking”:
‘Widget.YTD:Year1’ = Sales Projections::Widget:Year1:YTD * ‘Assumuptions – Forecast’::Rate

Let me know if you have a question.


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