"Checking Problems" message during DataLink update

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Hi – with version 4.1 I am noticing a message during the datalink refresh – “Checking problems”. This seems to slow down the datalink significantly, and no problems apparently are found as the datalink completes normally. What problems is the datalink checking for, and is there any way to remove or speed this up?


Hi Mike – this does seem to be caused by a large number of “Problems” in the Problems pane. I had two columns with 300+ values each that have constrained input, with the “required” box checked. This generated a problem for each one that wasn’t filled in. When I unchecked the “required” box, the datalink update “Checking problems” went from 23 seconds to 7 seconds.

My model has 63 formulas, 275,100 total cells with 123,700 calculated. With larger models, the amount of time spent checking problems during datalink is very large (several minutes). I would expect fast performance even with many more constrained inputs (my model only has two).

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