Quantrix 4 cannot start!

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I am working with a very large model and got an out of memory error, so I increased the memory allocation on the preferences to 1.2G (from 1.1G) and now Quantrix cannot start.

Looking in the forum, I found an old suggestion (JVM Error possibly due to memory error) and tried it, but the default.vmoptions file mentioned there seems useless for this version (it shows 400M as the -Xmx value, the file date did not reflect my recent memory setting change, and Quantrix still cannot start after I update this file to a different value).

Can someone please help me? I am stuck!


Hi – there is a FAQ in the learning section that addresses this. Here is the link.


Please contact [email:wzzjpujg]support@quantrix.com[/email:wzzjpujg] if you need further assistance.