Breakingviews Euro Zone bank stress test Model

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Reuters Breakingviews published a Euro Zone bank stress test simulation today. You can access it online (requires Flash): [url:2tiqe67e][/url:2tiqe67e]

This example reminded me of the slider functionality on the Quantrix Canvas and so I have just migrated the model used for this simulation from Excel to Quantrix.

When you open the model in Quantrix then the Presentation perspective is active. Run your own stress test by moving the sliders. Scroll down to see the chart and the data matrix. The chart still needs to be improved.

Switch to the “Development” perspective to see the formulas used in this model.

You can find the Quantrix model and the Excel file in the attached *.zip file.

Feedbacks and suggestions to improve the model are much appreciated.



Hi Mike,


“One of our near-term goals with the thin-client is to get to an “interactive canvas” on the web – much like the flash presentation but with a Quantrix model driving the results.”

Yeah, this will be awesome. Then we can use Quantrix to quickly develop interactive models available online – just with one tool. This is interesting for Data Journalism: [url:21ls0rpj][/url:21ls0rpj]


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