Error with quantrix.openModel()

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I have tried to open a model with

I get the following error:
Error running script: Access denied
(java.lang.RuntimePermission setContextClassLoader)

The file name seems to be OK (I can reference the file with methods)

Is there something I am missing?



Thanks, Ben, for the prompt response.
I use 4.0.58 in Mac OSX.
I have done a modification to default.policy in com.subx.scripting.core_4.0.0.060246.jar in order to do some experiments with QDK from scripts. If I enable createClassLoader and getClassLoader I get the error: Access denied (java.lang.RuntimePermission setContextClassLoader). If I enable setContextClassLoader, openModel() loads the model, but then I get an unrecoverable error.


Follow-up to this:

There is a rather complex bug surrounding the openModel() method. I believe it is causing both your error and the one I am seeing on my machine. We will be looking into fixing it, and once we do hopefully everything will work.


Hi Luca,

I actually get a different error when trying to use openModel() – something I will have to look into – but I cannot reproduce the one you are seeing. A few questions:

-What operating system are you running (type and version)?
-Which version of Quantrix are you using?
-Does this happen for all model files, or only some?
-Does the location of the target model make any difference? Is the one you’re trying to open in some unusual place other than your desktop or documents folder?


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