Help with Select Formula

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I’m having trouble getting the correct formula. I’ve attached a stripped down version of my model.

The problem formula is for the Open column in the Inventory Aging matrix.
I’ve included notes in the matrix comments to explain what is needed.

Any help is appreciated.



Thanks, Lyle.
I happened to try a similar attempt in front of my students yesterday: I had a formula in a model doing an extraction/aggregation from two matrices, with the help of an intermediate calculation. I told them “Look, we can also do the same thing with a direct formula”, wrote one and, (laugh), got a #SIZE error.
In your case, one problem was that the year data of open items did not necessarily match the year of the closed items. Maybe with some analysis and use of silent() functions you could have done, but I found that such intricate solutions add complexity and fragility to a model, which may challenge the modeler himself from the day after.

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