Standard Edition future?

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It seems there is no longer a Standard Edition going forward and the target market is mid- to large-size companies. I’ve been using multidimensional spreadsheets since Improv for all kinds of much smaller and less involved data collections and now only Quantrix offers that functionality. I fear there will come a time when, once again, there will not be a multidimensional spreadsheet available for the less-than-enterprise market.


I do agree with Dr B as well. I think that two cases should be considered:
– use in academia; here Quantrix may provide support with free or discounted licenses, as in the past;
– use by small businesses or consultants; actually a listed company may buy three licenses and get a competitive offer vis-a-vis business intelligence solutions; a self employed person, or a company with less than 5 employees still may need to purchase two or three licenses, and cannot afford it.
The current Standard Edition has the model size barrier and the lack of essential features such as the DataLink. The first may remain, the second would be a serious obstacle, limiting the willingness of users to make full use of the platform and probably upgrade later to the professional edition.
I see that it’s not easy to cater for everyone’s needs, but some form of differentiation in pricing and features may be worth being considered.

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