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It seems there is no longer a Standard Edition going forward and the target market is mid- to large-size companies. I’ve been using multidimensional spreadsheets since Improv for all kinds of much smaller and less involved data collections and now only Quantrix offers that functionality. I fear there will come a time when, once again, there will not be a multidimensional spreadsheet available for the less-than-enterprise market.


Hello to everybody,

I also fully agree with all of you, but especially with user lerzegov. I ran into this “trap” when I intended to order now the 4.0 release somewhere in february. Quantrix had announced this price raise, and I fully understood this. But I did not expected the full eliminination of the standard edition.

I have never been a user of Quantrix for a long time, but at least I have been a long time observer of this tool, which is really remarkable and which I hope that it will have a brighter chance in the market in future. I still believe that there is a market for this tool, especially into the SME segment.

When realease 4.0 came up I made the decision that this might be the right time to buy the software and to actively promote it now for my smaller customers.

Unfortunately this exactly was the time, when Quantrix raised the prices significantly and eliminated the standard edition. So I decided not to buy the software since it is a price which is to high for my intention to promote the tool with our some of our customers which are too small for using SAP BI / SAP BO.

I fully understand that Quantrix needed to raise the prices on the one hand to improve its cash flow. Development of software is very costly. Then of course the economic crisis which – I assume – also had a strong impact on Quantrix (Why else was Quantrix sold to another company?)… So, no discussion of the need of this step.

On the other hand, there should be a kind of partner program, which especially enables the smaller consulting companies and even freelancing consultants to get familiar with the tool at reasonable costs and to promote it to customers without an investment which is definitely far to high – given the uncertainty in the beginning whether quantrix consulting is really a market or not. I used to work for bigger consulting companies, but even there every investment in software of this price category needs to be justified by a business case.

Hopefully Quantrix is rethinking this step again and offers at least a partner agreement for smaller consultancies at a price similar to the old standard edition price.

See also my comments to the statements of the user lerzegov below.

Best regards,


– …a self employed person, or a company with less than 5 employees still may need to purchase two or three licenses, and cannot afford it.
You hit the point. Agreed, consultants usually do not earn so badly. On the other hand I have to say that every investment in software (as it is the case whith all other things) needs to be carefully checked. And if your consulting business usually is working e.g. with another BI suite, and you investigate the idea to additionally offer consulting services for an interesting BI tool such as quantrix, then there needs to be a good business case.

In other words: In the beginning where you need to invest much time to get familiar with the tool, the cash flow generated by this service is most probably 0 for the first 12 – 16 months. Given the actual release and pricing policy of Quantrix this is a major bareer. Especially when you consider that you not only invest the direct cash outlflow by the purchase of the software, but also time to get familiar with the tool.

The current Standard Edition has the model size barrier
Not so much important when consultants only intend to build models for promotional purposes (convincing customers to buy the product and also to buy corrresponding services in a second step)

and the lack of essential features such as the DataLink.

This is indeed more servere. There should be a special package for consultants at a reasonable price which enables to demonstrate all features including DataNav, Data push, Datalink and scripting.


I do agree with Dr B as well. I think that two cases should be considered:
– use in academia; here Quantrix may provide support with free or discounted licenses, as in the past;
– use by small businesses or consultants; actually a listed company may buy three licenses and get a competitive offer vis-a-vis business intelligence solutions; a self employed person, or a company with less than 5 employees still may need to purchase two or three licenses, and cannot afford it.
The current Standard Edition has the model size barrier and the lack of essential features such as the DataLink. The first may remain, the second would be a serious obstacle, limiting the willingness of users to make full use of the platform and probably upgrade later to the professional edition.
I see that it’s not easy to cater for everyone’s needs, but some form of differentiation in pricing and features may be worth being considered.


Dr B

I fully agree with you. There should be a standard edition of Quantrix priced around USD 250 – 350 for single users and for users like you who don’t have to manage large scale projects. Further, it could help to open Quantrix to a broader range of users and lower the entry barriers for them.


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