Using Groovy Swing Builder

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This seems not to be possible with the current security policy.

The builder capability requires to introspect the methods of the Swing components. Any Swing Builder invocation fails with:
[font=”Courier New”]access denied (java.lang.RuntimePermission accessDeclaredMembers)[/font]

I did try to modify the permissions in the policy file in the .subx_configuration directory but it seems that Quantrix resets those on start up.

Is it your intention to prevent use of Swing Builder? Is there a way to change the policy file as a workaround in the short-term?



Simon – Not sure about modifying the policy file, but Swing Builder seems like a reasonable application and we are willing to look into some other ways of allowing it to work. I’ll have to look further into this and follow up with you next week to let you know the outcome.

Dominik – I can relate to your situation, but unfortunately our hands are tied on this one. Allowing the execution of arbitrary libraries from the system folder would be a major security liability, so that isn’t something we’re able to change. Sorry about that.


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