New venture quant model

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Well, I’m in the position that you’ve all experienced before… finally decided to take the plunge and see if I can translate myself to quantrix. The catalyst/task is building a financial model for a new venture.

1. 13 Lines of business, including SaaS, training subscription, fees charged vs. assets under management, mobile access, etc.
2. Need robust scenario modeling
3. Needs to be event-driven. The timing for most of the major drivers is yet to be determined, and we need to be able to quickly change the assumed date for major events, flowing thru to the rest of the model. Not the least of the events that are variable would be the official start date of the model
4. Need qtr and annual roll-ups
5. “Employees” will be phased in with compensation allocated to cash/equity at varying rates along the time axis; varying rates of part/full-time; varying pay grades across time
6. Model should include cap table and infusions of equity

I am confident that quantrix can handle all this, but any help that you care to offer to help me speed the process would be VERY much appreicated. Of course I am on a crazy time goal.



Hi Eric,

Yes, that’s fine for me. Just provide your model when you are ready.


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