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Is it possible to make links between different Modeler Documents?
If not, I would like to know if It will be possible in a new version of Quantrix modeler?



We have just released Quantrix Modeler 1.2 that incoporates inter-model formulas used to link models. Please see the Support page at for update instructions.




No promises, but we are fairly certain we will get linking between Quantrix models into the 1.2 release, scheduled for later this summer.

I will post to the forum when this becomes official. Thank you for your post.



Hi, Mike!

It would definitely be desirable to link categories across the models, just to make life easier for the model maintainers.

Probably makes the implementation more complex, though 🙁

I wonder what the multi-user implications of linking models would be…?

Ideally, changes to one model by one user would reflect in any other open linked models (including other copies of the just-changed model).

This would actually allow Quantrix to be used for collaborative model building and what-if over the network if it could be done, but boy, it seems hard to accomplish this reliably.


Based on this post and other feedback we have received, having links between models is a good way for our users to organize larger models. I have added your comments to this improvement request in the issue tracking database.

I will keep you informed of our progress. Thank you for posting.



I am glad to hear that.

My thoughts:

I have one Quantrix modeller that is used in each Concrete company. So, each Concrete Company is using the same Modeller, but after that I have to make some other analyses, for example I have to consolidate all the Concrete Companies.
I would construct a modeller that would give me the different performance of each Company and the total to the Group.

One idea: The consolidation Model would have a new category that would have all the companies; Other category, for example consumptions that has all the raw materials of each company (be advice that this category exists in the linked modeller, so the master modeller must add a new material every time a new material is added in one or two modellers used by the companies, and be advice that each company does not use that same raw materials).
With this I would know what types of raw materials are been used in each company and the costs, every time I make “Update Links”.

What do you think? If you did no understand let me know.

Rui Duarte


Hello Rui,

This is something we are seriously considering for an upcoming release and we are gathering information so we can effectively design this functionality.

Could you post your thoughts as to what scenarios you could see this functionality benefiting your use of Quantrix?