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I am trying to learn how to create and use keys in a matrix and have not found anything in the manual for 3.5. This is the only version I have. I want to assign certain attributes to Items and Categories for selection based on which attribute is selected using the key. Can anyone shed some light on this for me and help me out please?



I want to thank you for answering my request. I totally forgot I posted it until now. I was experimenting with Quantrix back then and didn’t use it since then until recently. I just noticed I posted this looking for another answer. If you can still help, I will look at an example to send to you.

One problem I thought keys might help out with relates to summing time period amounts with different time periods. Example, I am setting up projections on a monthly basis for a couple of years. I am grouping months by quarters and then summing the months by years. The result is I have three category titles for my columns: Years; Quarters then Months. If I sum the Years category, it automatically picks up the 12 months. However, in the first year I want to cut it off after the first 6 months because it is a stub period, then sum the months by years thereafter. I am starting with actual results for Sept 2011 but the actual fiscal year end of the company is March 31st.

I wondered if using a key matrix to turn on formulas for months would work so for the fist year I would turn off the months up to Sept and turn on the months thereafter for my projection period.

I don’t know if this makes any sense to you but if you can help that would be most gracious of you.

Thank you for your initial response.


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