Quantrix in the Qloud – Suggestions

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After playing around with models in the Qloud I have three important suggestions which I think are very important in the near future to make sure Quantrix stays competitive compared to other BI and Reporting software vendors:

[b:27irs2uo]Presentation Canvas[/b:27irs2uo]
We should be able to publish a Presentation Canvas to the Qloud as well.

[b:27irs2uo]Entering Data[/b:27irs2uo]
A lot of models need data entered by a user first before the output can be computed. The current Qloud does not allow this. Entering Data is very important for simulations and what-if-scenarios.

[b:27irs2uo]Running scripts[/b:27irs2uo]
It should be possible to run scripts. Especially those attached to a button on a Presentation Canvas. I know this leads to security issues but I am sure a solution can be found.

Many thanks for considering these requests.