Any chance of giving line numbers on error??

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When debugging scripts of any length it gets very tedious tracking down the source of runtime errors. The scripting console displays the error message but with no indication of where in the script the error occurred. A line number would be a major time saver.

Thanks (in anticipation :))


I second this request and I would like extend it:

Show the complete error message: Currently, the message shown in the console window is not always fully readable.

Add the line number where the error occurs AND the name of the script.

Best would be a solution like in Visual Studio or Eclipse: A “Message Window” where the error messages and warnings are listed in a table inlcuding the line number, a detailed description and a double-click with mouse mouse opens the corresponding script and the line where the error occurs is highlighted.

These features are not “nice-to-have”, they are key. I really hope that the Quantrix developers can deliver some improvements here in v4.1 or v4.2.


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