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Hi I am new to Quantrix and am trying to figure out how to create a matrix with categories named Years, Quarters, Months. I am able to create the structure but when I hit enter for “Year 1” it creates “Year 2” with the quarters and months below it but when I try to rename Y1:Q1:Jan to Y1:Q1-2011:Jan 2011 it will also rename it the same way in Year 2 (See attached screenshot PNG). What I need is the ability to have different names for months and quarters so how can I do this? I am able to get something along the lines of what I want with Grouping but loose the dimension capability of having it as a category.






I don’t have the perfect solution but maybe the timeRollUp.model you can find here

[url:2f2konap][/url:2f2konap] (Scroll down to the section “TIPS & TECHNIQUES MODELS”

could give you some hints.


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