Nesting Categories

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Newbie question — have a cash flow model that based on months (5 yrs or 60 columns) with Months being the column category (i.e. Month 1, Month2, . . .). Now that the model is complete I want to expand dimensions by adding Years. When I add another category by selecting the Months category tag and pressing SHIFT ENTER I get a new category with 1 item, Year 1, covering all 60 months. How do I get the model to understand that I want the Years category to contain 5 Years of 12 months?


Hi – you have two choices:

1. Your month dimension can have 12 months… then add your year dimensions. You have to write a formula to link the last month of the previous year to the first month of this year. The intro to Quantrix video demos shows this concept.

2. Leave your time dimension as is, but group the month items into years. You don’t have a separate dimension for year, but it leaves the structure of your model (plus your existing formulas) intact.