Learning Method

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As a new user, I’d like to start a thread on learning how to model using Quantrix. There are many threads that touch on the subject, but non that talk about the approach to learning.

I would love to hear from those that have taught themselves to model using Quantrix or have learned from the folks at the corporate office. What is the best method of learning. Specifically, what steps?

Should new users attempt rebuild a model they are familiar with? Try to write formulas in plain english, using Quantrix logic? Click around in the sample models?

I’d like to hear from those who are confident in their abilities talk about what helped them the most or what they believe is most effective tools for learning. Hopefully this can serve as a guide for those trying to learn on their own.




My “switching” experience was:
1 – see the webinars to understand how the possibility were;
2 – read the manual to learn basic concepts and the differences between Excel and QM;
3 – transfer one of my financial models, builded in Excel, in Quantrix.



Thank you, dom. Greatly appreciate your input. Would love to hear from others as well.


Hi Walker,

I don’t have much time but here are some tips:
– Read and work through the manual from A to Z
– View the tutorial on the Quantrix website
– Go through some sample models and play with them
– Take an Excel file you have created and develop it in Quantrix

Understanding the structure of Quantrix matrices and the formula language is key. The formula language is very powerful and even after years of using Quantrix I still discover new possibilities.

It takes time until one is leaving the Excel based spreadsheet thinking and is getting used to the Quantrix approach. But it is worth every minute you invest here because the models in Quantrix are much easier to understand, need less formulas and extending a model is sometimes so easy that you think it’s magic!