Quantrix 4.0.46 Update

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We released 4.0.46 today. The changes focus on the auto-complete functionality of Scripting. Specifically:

-Since java.awt.Color is part of our Scripting API, we should automatically import it for users
-Autocomplete should find the best method declaration, not the last
-Autocomplete throwing NPE in strict mode
-Autocomplete: user defined method invocation not completing correctly
-Autocomplete: Don’t autobox static primitive types
-Quantrix Viewer not building correctly
-Completions appear within comments
-Variables aren’t being tracked for autocompletion
-Improve Autocomplete: Allow for method invocations as parameters
-Improve Autocomplete: allow for new variable invocations and static reference autocompletion

4.0 Beta Users can get the software via Help > Update. Alternatively, you can download the files from this direct URL:


Please send along any feedback or questions to [email:v0uz36ye]support@quantrix.com[/email:v0uz36ye]. Thanks!



OK – does 4.1 mean after the initial release of V4 – i.e. we’ll have to live with this situation for some time? (I’m not asking you to commit to any dates :) but just to understand what “4.1” means in terms of your planning process)



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