Quantrix 4.0.46 Update

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We released 4.0.46 today. The changes focus on the auto-complete functionality of Scripting. Specifically:

-Since java.awt.Color is part of our Scripting API, we should automatically import it for users
-Autocomplete should find the best method declaration, not the last
-Autocomplete throwing NPE in strict mode
-Autocomplete: user defined method invocation not completing correctly
-Autocomplete: Don’t autobox static primitive types
-Quantrix Viewer not building correctly
-Completions appear within comments
-Variables aren’t being tracked for autocompletion
-Improve Autocomplete: Allow for method invocations as parameters
-Improve Autocomplete: allow for new variable invocations and static reference autocompletion

4.0 Beta Users can get the software via Help > Update. Alternatively, you can download the files from this direct URL:


Please send along any feedback or questions to [email:v0uz36ye]support@quantrix.com[/email:v0uz36ye]. Thanks!



Extended Autocomplete is very useful, but since it works across imported libraries also, performance in the Scripting Console is painfully slow with a large import – response to typed character can be c. 1 sec. (At least I’m guessing that is what is going on).

I thought this issue was introduced with 4.0.46 but having reverted to 4.0.44 I can say that is not true. The problem exists in the prior version also. But removing the imported library does fix it. So whatever class introspection you are doing when applied to imported code is too slow to be viable.

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