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Dear Support,

My colleagues and me have experience some difficulties with the Quantrix Modeler.

Please follow these steps:

1. Open the attach file (Groups) I am sending to you.
2. Create a Group to the last two Lines (Select Type 1 and Type 2; Insert Group Items).
3. Appears Types7 and the formula 3: Types7.Type 2=Types7.Type 1*4
4. Now, Try to change the name of the group Type7 to Product 3
5. Question: What happen to the formula 3? Nothing.
6. Save it anyway and then open the file again.
7. Problem: We have to change all the formulas if we want to change the group name.
8. Bad Solution 1: After step 3 save your work, exit the program and open the file again. Now everything is normal until … see point 2.
9. Bad solution 2: Do not create any formula until you are positive write of what you want: for example how many products you have.

Thanks for your time.
Hope to hear from you,

Rui Duarte



We have just released Quantrix Modeler 1.2 which includes the fix for this issue. Please see the Support page at for update instructions.



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