Security settings for Scripting environment

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This arose in another context and I haven’t seen a response from the Quantrix side, so surfacing it here to make visible.

The current environment for scripting appears to use the default Java Security Policy i.e. scripts are treated as though they were applets in a browser. This means scripts have no access to the local machine i.e. they can’t load or save files, etc.

Is this intended to be the case? If so it would be highly desirable if it were possible to set an alternative security policy as an option. This would probably require a user warning/confirmation to be issued when loading such a script – similar to loading VBA scripts in Excel.




I need to import an external library that should be used in a script function (not in an action). I put the jar file in the ScriptingLibs folder, but when I import that class in the functions list (Edit functions…) I got the error “unable to resolve class …”.
With actions the import works perfectly.


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