Update fiasco

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I experienced a massive update fiasco today, trying to update my trial copy of Quantrix Modeler 1.0 to the new 1.1 version. I posted a somewhat more detailed, if more ranty analysis at:



My apologies for your update troubles.

You did get caught right in the middle of a switch of how we activate the product. We tried to help the process along by emailing all of our 1.0 trial users a notification of the change and a serial number on Friday May 7th, but that email must have never reached you.

We will soon be making your assigned serial numbers display on the Account Info page in the My Quantrix of Quantrix.com, but that isn’t in quite yet.

If you email [email:1tjoe48z]support@quantrix.com[/email:1tjoe48z] your installation ID – I would be happy to email you back the activation key.



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