Printing out scripts

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I’m sorry, but I still find it so much easier to be able to print my programs occasionally… So how can I do that? I know this seems a dumb question but short of cutting and pasting from the script window into a text editor I can’t find any sensible way to do it.

And is there anywhere I can find the consolidated content of all scripts within a model – otherwise I can easily see myself losing track of where functions are defined. BTW it’s great that user defined functions appear in the Functions panel. So is there anyway to add documentation for a function that will appear there?


Good suggestion! I have added your votes to this request in our database.


I agree with Dominik (again!). I suspect that once a model has any significant number of scripts it will become quite a challenge to keep track of them.

In the short term it would be very helpful simply to be able to dump all scripts into a single (text) file which could then be printed (or processed using Notepad++ or whatever). It would be nice if there was some minimal header information in the file e.g. for Action scripts which component they are associated with.




Quantrix is an exemplary application when it comes to printing. The user can decide what he or she wants to print: Just the matrix, formulas (yes/no), notes (yes/no) or one can design a presentation canvas with the elements to be printed.

In my opinion, printing scripts is very important, too. The transparency of a model is very important especially for understanding, documenting, auditing or debugging it. Therefore, I consider printing scripts as a very important feature.

Many thanks for considering.


PS: The idea with copy & paste to Notepad++ is a quick and useful workaround.



Unfortunately there’s not currently any script printing functionality, so the best solution for now is indeed to copy and paste. Pasting into some kind of editor that offers code formatting and/or syntax highlighting may help to smooth this process and provide more readable results when printing. Personally, I find Notepad++ handy for that sort of thing, but any good editor would work.

Function documentation is on the way and should appear in an upcoming release, so hang in there on that one.

Finally, with respect to a central index for scripting functions, the closest thing to what you’re describing is the Tools -> Scripting menu, which does list available actions and offers the editors for action sets and function sets. We would have to consider where and how additional search features would be useful. Could you provide an example of how you would use such a feature and what it would look like from a UI standpoint? At least for now, there are no immediate plans that I know of in that area.