Chart Grid Scaling Options

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In a chart grid, when the “Chart, Axis Scaling, All Charts” option is selected, all charts are supposed to share a common scale based on the data with the largest range…

However, when I check the “Hide Empty Series” option (regardless of any “data item” selection I assign to categories), the chart [b:ch0fyp5g]on the top left of the grid[/b:ch0fyp5g] actually determines the common scale… Perhaps I’m missing something?


P.S.: Would it be possible to allow the “All Charts” scaling option to be applied to [u:ch0fyp5g]Pie chart[/u:ch0fyp5g] grids, so that the SIZE of each pie would reflect the relative size of its data within the entire group of pies?

For example, if each Pie in a chart grid represented Product sales within a Sales Region, then each Pie would be divided depending on its underlying Products’ regional market share (as it happens now), and the SIZE of each Pie would reflect the Share of Total Sales (all regions, summed together) represented by each Region.

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