Non-modal Edit Script/Script Function Panels

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I think the Edit Script/Script Function Panels must be non-modal panels.

Currently, when they are open you can’t poke around your model at all. To my mind this is a severe limitation.

This used to be a problem with the formula functions panel but it was finally fixed awhile ago.


OK, but that begs the question of why is it necessary to cut and paste a script? It would be nice to simply click a button and have the script (or selected lines) transferred from the console to the Script>Edit>Actions panel or Functions panel. While this might not help when adding to an existing function/script action it would be very useful when developing the initial script code for a new function/action.

It would also be nice if the Scripting Console had a bit of the matrix function edit capability.

In particular, I’m thinking that you click on a matrix item/category etc and that name is placed into the script you are developing. This would save time, reduce errors and frustration. Typing in the name of every matrix element is bothersome.

Finally, I think it should be the rule rather than the exception that panels should be non-modal. The only exceptions should be when non-modal is required for processing purposes, rather than programmer convience. Quantirx already has this for several panels: Functions, Dependency, Audit, (All located under the Tools main menu item BTW) and Formats Toolbox.


Hi – This is good feedback. Thank you. I have logged in our database. The scripting console will help here. This panel is non-modal and will be a bit easier to work in as you create scripts. You can then copy and paste any completed script to the actions, buttons etc.

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