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Grouped items, when used as Axis or Legend labels in charts, now appear with their full names, including any groupings.

For example, when displaying a chart where the X-Axis Category consists of consecutive, non-repeating years grouped into “Historical”, “Current”, and “Projected”, every Item will appear with all its nested groupings.

I normally use Quantrix v3.1, and it only shows Item groupings to differentiate between otherwise identical Item names, but v4.0 will display an Item named “Projected.2010” in full, instead of just displaying “2010”, thus actually showing “Proje…” several times (a long series of fully-named Items won’t fit in the X-Axis).

Is there an option in v4.0 for showing Item names in the most economical way? (i.e., “2010” instead of “Projected.2010”)


Showing full nested groupings would be useful if these were broken into rows like in Excel Pivot Charts, where you would have the Years on the top row of the X-Axis labels, with any nested categories (such as “Actual” or “Budget”) appearing underneath in separate rows.


Mike, thanks for the tips.

They are very useful, providing better control over Labels than before.


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