Improving import and export UI


I was trying to import a CSV file into Quantrix after not having done it for a while. I eventually got the job done, but my problem was in trying to use File/Import (from the original CSV) instead of Tools/Import.

I think it would be better if all incoming data was handled by Open and all outgoing data by Save As, and none of these artificial distinctions of File/Open, File/Save As, File/Import, File/Export, and Tools/Data/Import From File. So Open should be able to handle .model, .xmodel, .mbak, NextStep, .imx, and .csv files, and Save As should be able to save in .model, .xmodel, .csv, .html, and .xls formats. This would just be a simple rearrangement of the UI, but would make it much easier to use.

Also, I tried opening the CSV file in Excel, copying the important area to the clipboard and pasting it into Quantrix, but that just pasted a single cell; this also is counterintuitive. Quantrix should notice that I am trying to paste multiple-cell data (with tabs and newlines) and do a Tools/Data/Import from Clipboard rather than making that a separate menu option.

The current UI reflects the implementer’s view of the problem rather than the user’s.


Excellent comments! I will log in our issue tracking database for consideration and add your vote to it.