REIT Modeling and Scenario Template

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I am building a forecasting model for a REIT with integrated financial statements and running into formula errors. Has anyone built a real estate financial model that allows for actual and forecasted numbers as well as the ability to turn on and off certain assets to see the summarized financials?


Hi – I’ve built real estate financial models, and also corporate models that show actual vs forecasted for individual business units. So a REIT model as you describe shouldn’t be too different.

I’ve also done fairly complex models over the past few years: e.g. modelling granular asset pools using databases with millions of data points, custom plug-ins etc., and more complex asset classes such as life settlements, tax receivables, hedge funds, bank loan pools etc.

Email me at [email:1e2b2aqs][/email:1e2b2aqs] if you’d like to discuss further. Thanks.

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