REIT Modeling and Scenario Template

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I am building a forecasting model for a REIT with integrated financial statements and running into formula errors. Has anyone built a real estate financial model that allows for actual and forecasted numbers as well as the ability to turn on and off certain assets to see the summarized financials?


Hey were you able to complete this model?


I have solved most of the formula errors that I ran into. Thanx for the reply. But now I am having an issue with the following.

I have setup a time based model where I enter an acquisition date for an asset and the income statement start on the appropriate month as does the balance sheet and cash flow. But loan interest and amortization/depreciation do not. I want to be able to configure the model so that based on the acquisition date the model correctly places the interest, depreciation, amortization amounts in the correct column.

Any suggestions. Please email me at [email:a5pmoxcz][/email:a5pmoxcz]


Hi – I’ve built real estate financial models, and also corporate models that show actual vs forecasted for individual business units. So a REIT model as you describe shouldn’t be too different.

I’ve also done fairly complex models over the past few years: e.g. modelling granular asset pools using databases with millions of data points, custom plug-ins etc., and more complex asset classes such as life settlements, tax receivables, hedge funds, bank loan pools etc.

Email me at [email:1e2b2aqs][/email:1e2b2aqs] if you’d like to discuss further. Thanks.

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